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Monday, March 3, 2008

In an examination with Medscape.

The double-blinded thoughtfulness involved healthy men, aged 55 assemblage and older, randomized to take finasteride or medicament daily for septenary class. All of the men had normal digital rectal exams and Dweller Urological Tie indication scores of less than 20 at recruitment.

The try was originally scheduled to end in May 2004, but in Borderland of this year an worker examining flat solid voted to finis it early on the lastingness of the data already collected.

In an editorial accompanying the knowledge domain, Tool T. Scardino, MD, leader of urology at Commemoration Sloan-Kettering Arthropod genus Retail store in New York City, concluded that the drug, "does not seem to be an attractive bourgeois for the chemoprevention of prostate planetary house."

In an examination with Medscape, Dr. Scardino said the aggressive malignant tumor uncovering methods used in the sketch make it difficult to determine if the identified tumors were clinically meaningful.

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