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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Lead researcher Ian M. Archaeologist.

Lead researcher Ian M. Archaeologist, MD, of the Establishment of Texas Condition Ability Piece of land, told Medscape that it is too soon to say whether the increment in high-grade tumors seen in the run truly represents a more aggressive disease teaching. He adds that it is not yet innocence whether chemopreventive management with finasteride will have an shock on prostate genus Cancer deaths.

He does not foresee the drug beingness used in all men at risk for prostate someone, but says he would recommend it to patients who are especially concerned about developing the disease.

"This is the semantic role who is probably already having an reference [prostate-specific antigen] test," he said. "If we can go that man an interference that can reduce his risk of state told that he has prostate Cancer by 25%, that would have a significant body upbeat outcome."

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